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Cedric Peoples

"The 90 Day Career Fix changed my life!"

"I am honored and grateful for her program and direction""

Forensic Case Specialist

Meshell Baylor

"I learned about the 90 Day Career Fix during a very pivotal moment in my career. I was laid off at the time and I had no absolute knowledge on what the next step would be for me and my family, I had never experienced anything like this. During this transition I went online and saw this young woman speaking about having faith in yourself and working toward a better career. Davina helped me in so many ways such as, helping me focus on restructuring my career path navigating the job market and building a brand. Her program modules had so much on being a professional that is was enriched with key information such as work ethic, dress for success, and resume building.

Davina encouraged me after every interview I had been on she prayed for me, spoke words of encouragement and made sure I was prepped and ready for my interviews by doing mock. When I told her I was hired for Forensic Case Specialist she celebrated with me. She continues to remind me to keep highlighting the positive things I do in the community and stay focused on my goals. I am very honored and grateful for her program and her direction."

I will personally guide you through a career transition in 90 days by helping you to:

  • Discover which of your skills you perform at expert level

  • Understand what the best work environment is for you to thrive in

  • Find the job title that encompasses your skills, gifts, and the growth of your career

  • Strategically turn your biggest personal obstacle into new strength

  • Create and present your personal brand in a way to give you a competitive advantage over other candidates

  • Integrate your spiritual gift into your life and your new job

  • Learn how to optimize your resume with a personal resume review from me

  • Know how to exactly answer interview questions to impress your employer and get to the next step in the hiring process

  • Conduct a job search strategy that gets results and reduces burnout

  • Grow deeper with God in this journey

"I've had several unfulfilling jobs and a very long resume. "

Health and Wellness Consultant

M. Ochoa

I didn't quite know what I was looking for. I chose to work with Davina because of warm personality, her wealth of knowledge and her unique career coaching technique. Being able to work with someone who doesn't judge you on your work history was very important to me.

From taking a personality test to reconstructing my resume and having career therapy sessions, I feel like Davina understood where I was trying to go before I did. Davina gave me the confidence to get off the hamster wheel I was on. Because of her, I took a leap into the health and wellness industry and I've never felt more confident.

You'll Gain Access to:

  • Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions

  • 12 Weeks of Training and Course Material

  • Personal Brand Building

  • Professional Resume Review

  • Mock Interview Session

  • Personalized Job Search Strategy

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome - Orientation

    • Welcome Packet

    • Orientation Video

    • Your Weekly Q&A Coaching Session Link

    • Q&A Session 4.10.22

    • Q&A Session Fix 4.17.22

    • Q&A Session 4.24.22

    • Q&A Session 5.1.22 A

    • Q&A Session 5.1.22 B

    • Q&A Session 5.15.22

    • Q&A Session 5.22.22

    • Q&A Session 6.12.22

    • Q&A Session 6.2.22

  • 2

    Phase 1: Self-Discovery

    • Week 1 Video Training: Carving Out Your Ideal Life

    • Week 1 Workbook: Carving Out Your Ideal Life

    • Week 2 Video Traning: Uncovering Your Skills and Talents

    • Week 2 Workbook: Uncovering Your Skills and Talents

    • Week 3 Video Training: Seeing Your Gifts Through the Spirit

    • Week 3 Workbook: Seeing Your Gifts Through the Spirit

    • Week 4 Video Training: Overcoming Your Biggest Personal Obstacle

    • Week 4 Workbook: Overcoming Your Biggest Personal Obstacle

  • 3

    BONUS! Fasting For Your Purpose

    • Fasting For Your Purpose Video Training

    • Fasting For Your Purpose Guide

  • 4

    Phase 2: The Perfect Career Match and Building Your Irresistible Brand

    • Why you Need a Personal Mission Statement

    • Developing Your Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

    • Week 5 Video Training: Identifying Your Best Work Style

    • Week 5 Workbook: Identifying Your Best Work Style

    • What's Your Best Management Style?

    • Week 5: Guide to Choosing Your Best Work Environment

    • Week 6 Video Training: Choosing Your Job Title

    • Week 6 Workbook: Choosing Your Job Title

    • Guide to Industry Selection

    • Career Planning

    • Career Planning Workbook

    • 5-Year Career Plan

    • Week 7 Video Training: Creating "Brand You"

    • Week 7 Workbook: Creating "Brand You"

    • Week 8 Video Training: Presenting Your Brand

    • Week 8 Workbook: Presenting Your Brand

    • What's Management Style Best Works for You?

  • 5

    Phase 3: Presenting Your Irresistible Brand

    • Week 9 Video Training: Optimizing Your Resume

    • Week 9 Workbook: Optimizing Your Resume

    • Cover Letter Template


    • Resume Submission

    • Week 10 Video Training: Mastering the Interview With Your Ideal Employer

    • Week 10 Workbook: Mastering the Interview With Your Ideal Employer

    • Schedule Your Mock Interview

    • Company Research for Interviews Checklist

  • 6

    BONUS!: Professional Headshot Checklist

    • BONUS! Professional Head Shot Checklist

  • 7

    BONUS! Resume Templates

    • Exclusive Resume Templates

  • 8

    Phase 4: Career Search Strategy

    • Week 11 Video Training: Creating Your Job Search Strategy

    • Week 11 Workbook: Creating Your Job Search Strategy

    • Job Application Tracking and Schedule Sheet

    • Week 12 Video Training: Securing Your New Career

    • Week 12 Workbook: Securing Your New Career

    • Formal Resignation Letter Template

    • (After July 1st 2022) Book Your HR Coaching Session with Christine Render

  • 9

    BONUS! Salary Negotiation Guide

    • BONUS: You're Worth the Price Salary Negotiation Guide

  • 10

    Next Steps

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